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Principles and objectives

NOR Euskal Herria Antiespezista has a clear and defined objective: to create a strong and coordinate anti-speciesist movement in the Basque Country, as well as to make it plain that the struggle for animal liberation is a political one. We want to raise awareness and reflection about the privileges that we, as humans, are born with, in order to fight a system that drives us towards the discrimination and oppression of non-human animals. In order to strengthen and spread anti-speciesist ideas in our country, we want to create basque-language content about speciesist oppression. We are clearly positioned in favour of social justice, which must inevitably take into account the interests of all sentient animals. We are an anti-speciesist, abolitionist and transversal collective, meaning that we take an active stance against other oppressions, being feminists and anti-capitalists, as well as participating in the struggle for the basque language. We try to mirror those positions in our work against speciesism, which also stresses the fact that animal liberation is another struggle for social justice. Because fighting a particular oppression is no justification to disregard any other opression.


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Colletives: 671 67 56 69

Media: 653 75 13 16


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